Boy Scout Troop 169

Hello All,

Myname is Mark Skumatz and I am currently serving as scoutmaster for Troop 169 inOkauchee Wisconsin. I have a long relationship with Troop 169. My family has always been involved with scouting. My parents meet in scouts. Growing up we camped out while doing scout outings with the sea scout ship that my father was part of.When I was a boy attending Nashotah grade schoolI waspart of Cub Pack 169. AsI continued in scoutingI moved on to Troop 169 (my father was cub master and eventually scoutmaster of each).I became the 2nd boy to attain the rank ofEagle Scout inthe troopand became a second generation Eagle as my father had attained his Eagle rank years before. I continued with the troop after turning 18 and became AssistantScoutmaster, before taking a break to go on to school and start working in my adult life. My scouting career hascome full circle as my 2 sons, one a junior and one a freshman at OHS, are now part of Troop 169and on their way to attaining theirEaglerank.

The reason I have come back to 169 is that the troop has a wonderful history ofhelping boysin becoming wonderful young men. There havebeen many changes over the years,but through the efforts of the boys and their families the troophas survived. They have valuedthe organization and how it helped them grow. They also realized that it needed their help along with way to survive to help the next group of boys. Troop 169 is not just a place that boys can go to learn a fewskills likecooking, camping and maybe how to tie a few knots, but to learn to leadandhow to plan. They also learn to think outside the "box" when it comes to planning exciting new adventures. In 2014 the troop hiked a week on the Appalachian trail. In 2015 they planned 2 high adventures.The first was a weeklong kayaking trip to the Mississippi river and the 2nd a week long backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains in the UP.Myself and the other adults of Troop 169 hope that you will see the value of being part of this excitingtroop and stop by for a visit.

Yours in Scouting,

Mark Skumatz
Scoutmaster Troop 169
Okauchee WI.

I hopeyou will take a few minutes and look over our calendar of events. If you are interested in more information please contact us.